What is Matomo

Matomo is a free/libre alternative to Google analytics.

If you want to analyse users that are interacting with your website, you can self-host your own Matomo instance and add js tracking on your website.

Matomo dashboard screenshot
Matomo dashboard screenshot

This is what I’m using on this blog.

Why this plugin?

So I self-host my own instance of Matomo. But I use it only for this blog and a documentation site, which let many unused bandwith to my dedicated server.

I wanted to share my instance with other people that have a little blog and don’t want to install their instance or don’t want to use google analytics.

So I needed to add a signup workflow.

When looking for something already done, I just found a not maintened plugin for an old version of Piwik, and some discussion on Github issues on Matomo repository (#8358, #7622).

I read in these discussions that actually this plugin is really wanted and could also fit others uses cases.

So “why this plugin?”:

  • Share our instance plublicly (mine)
  • In a private instance (i.e organization), allows new contributors to create their access instead of asking to the administrator

What I needed to build this plugin

This plugin is available on Matomo marketplace, or downloadable from github repository. You can install it directly through your admin interface.

Plugin installable from marketplace
Plugin installable from marketplace

Licence Creative Commons

Julien Maulny



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