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What is Sandstone

Sandstone is a PHP microframework. The main purposes of this microframework are:

  • Building a RestApi
  • Mount a websocket server
  • Easily send push notifications.

Sandstone is based on Silex, the Symfony microframework.

If you don’t know Silex, it is a minimalist web framework similar to expressjs in nodejs, or flask in python.

What can I do with Sandstone

You can easily bootstrap a RestApi, and add real-time stuff, such as:

  • Notify all web clients that a new article has just been published through the RestApi
  • Create a chat working with your RestApi
  • For a game server, broadcasting players moves as soon as someone played

How to get started

If you’re starting a new project, you should be interested in the Sandstone edition.

It is a fresh installation of Sandstone you can start from to build a real-time RestApi, and also contains debug features.

This edition integrates:

  • Sandstone (Silex with websockets)
  • Docker environment to mount the whole application (RestApi, websocket server, MariaDB, PHPMyAdmin)
  • Doctrine ORM and Doctrine commands
  • Symfony web profiler for debugging RestApi requests and Push events
  • Silex annotations for controllers and routing annotations

Check it out:

Sandstone edition

Or you can start from scratch or integrate it in an existing Silex application:


Sandstone documentation

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